Monday, September 1, 2014

yes, i am that girl

The girl that finds beauty in the imperfections of human interactions, who would rather watch people from far away instead of up close and personal. Because there is beauty in the way someone runs their fingers through their hair when it falls in their face, and when someone is so incredibly focused on the paper they are writing a crease forms between their eyebrows. I am the girl that falls a little bit more in love with people who don't think anyone is watching them, and I catch them in their little small moments of beauty. Like licking their thumb to turn the next page in a book or when they gets so deeply lost in the music their heart begins to beat to the same rhythm and their face shows it only for a split second. And when a strand of hair gets twirled between fingers, or someone scratches at a phantom itch on their arm. Those moments when a smile tickles the edge of lips as they remember unforgettable moments. I am the girl that can't get enough of these moments people unknowingly share.

I am that girl that you want to shush in the theater that she cries too hard because she relates her feelings so strongly to those in the film. And who isn't fond of those that are glued to their screens more than the exciting story their friend is telling them.
I am the girl that cant stand unpainted fingernails, a middle finger missing it's pearl ring, straight hair that just sits there, and when a moment passes and a Polaroid is not in hand.
The girl that gives her heart too quickly to music and those around her because she wants them to feel what she feels.
I am that girl that prefers hot coco and over sized sweaters over tight exercise clothes. And who sits in her car and listens to music while her heart leaks from her eyes.

I am the dramatic girl you roll your eyes at.
The foolish girl you say "I told you so" to.
The curious girl you wonder what she thinks about.
And that ...interesting... girl you ask where in the world she came from.
I am that girl people say is explosive.

I am this girl and I couldn't be happier to be.

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