Thursday, September 11, 2014

breath in the wildfires

The teacher asks if anyone is finished yet
and the noise from the other side of the room gets louder. 
Thunder crackling. 

The boy with curly hair draws disturbing figures. 
The known jock flashes his pearls to those that dare risk a life of wanting.
While the dumb blonde acts like she's lost her brain again 
because that's what gets the people laughing. 

All  eyes on phones. 
Glued to the bright light that mesmerizes us with it's media.
Everyone thinking they have the highest rank of cool from all their likes.

But in the corner no one looks at,
 a girl stares 
knowing the truth to it all.

Celestial Fire Night Skyscape Original Art por MarinaPetroFineArt

Her brain hurts from all the numbers
but no one cares to help.
So the headache slams on. 

All she can do is breathe,
because teenagers are eye rollingly dramatic
and every boy is a boy.
Breathe because the jerseys are just gray...
and she just wants the stars to line up.

And breath because Addison's music taste is unbelievably on point.

she's mad but she's magic. there is no lie in her fire... C.B.

She told me I only have a year left to figure myself out
but all I have is a water balloon for that wildfire
and all the firemen are out to lunch.

This roller coaster would make you throw up within 5 seconds.
Challenge not accepted.

Finally the bell rings. 
Rushing to chew with their mouths open, 
everyone walks past the girl in the corner.

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