Thursday, September 4, 2014

everything is going to be okay

She's eighteen with a love life as messy as her hair. But her lips taste like sunshine. Some think they know her, but really no one truly know her. Not yet, at least. And she knows that. That's why she wears a clever little smirk on her lips. When she's frustrated, she throws on her comfiest clothes and dances about her empty house singing at the top of her lungs. When it rains, she lays on the cement and lets the little droplets of water spill across her body like getting thousands of kisses from the heavens. When she hurts, she runs to her car and drives to a quiet place. When she's happy, she lets tears escape. Mostly from laughing too hard but also because she's been stuck in the land of emptiness for too long. When she traces her lips, she's thinking of past kisses. To her, hot chocolate taste like happiness even though it makes her tummy hurt and fanny packs are what make the world go round and round. One day, she'll be forced to leave the man made bubble she formed. But don't worry, she'll be clinging to Jeff the Giraffe the entire time. She's cursed herself with the never-shutting-up spell. She thinks people are beautiful in their imperfections and awkward interactions. She wants to kiss someone beneath flurries of snowflakes drifting from above on a perfect winter night, and dance with someone while the heavens soak them with their crying clouds. She wears over sized sweaters because they make her happy. 

She's everything you'd never wish to 

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