Monday, December 17, 2012

Moments worth living!


There are moments i have in the day where i wish the world would stop spinning. Moments i want the time to stop, i want the moment to freeze forever. i never want to have to worry about what assignments are due the next day, or what i have to get done the next day. Most of these times i want this is when i'm with my friends, when we are goofing off and having adventures. That's what i want my life to be full of! ADVENTURE! i don't want to have to worry about the next day, i want to live everyday like its my last! now i know people say that and don't actually do anything but not me! im really gonna try! and im not gonna go all crazy and do sky diving or something outrageous! i just think each day should be lived! to the max! no drama! no disappointment! no one man for me stuff till im in college! high school is about having fun and making new friends that someday if you end up going to the same college you can share textbooks and food with! i intend to make my high school experience the best! no regrets, and especially no lazy days. The only way i am going to be able to do this is by being social! i see so many of my friends with new friends and am saddened, not by their friends! but by the fact that they are brave enough to have more friends. i have made friends, yes but i haven't made best friends, people i can tell stories to that wont get annoyed or wont be waiting for the end to come as i tell it.

---> say hello to five new people each day <---

A new day, that's what is waiting for me! a new day to bring my happiness to someone who needs it. a new day to receive happiness! people say life is short, so why live it complaining?! that's something i have a problem with! i don't know when to shut my trap! but that's what the new day is for! it's for fixing mistakes. asking forgiveness,.acting like a doof in front of people. A new say is for making other people happy. All i want is to make people smile! to make myself smile! i cant do much more than that.

im tired of being tired of a boring day! its up to me to make myself happy! happiness is based on attitude and perspective. If you're unhappy, maybe you're the problem. But that just means that you can fix it. i am going to choose to be happy and so can you!

i have a couple confessions i feel i should admit

1.) i have an obsession with ankle socks and high top shoes. Also Christmas sweaters.
2.) i hate getting ready for the day. its just a hassle! if i could wear sweats to school everyday i would without a doubt!
3.) i have no clue what i anything...relationships, a Christmas list, even on a subway sandwich.
4.) i watch Vampire Diaries and am not ashamed of it
5.) When the phone rings and my parents aren't home i don't answer it out of fear it will be some murder on the other line.
6.) Also clowns terrify me to the point i could cry myself to sleep.

p.s. i saw the hobbit! and my mind is blown! such a good movie!!

And on that note,