Monday, July 29, 2013

waiting for something to happen

//This past week I have been home all alone. It has really shown me how much I depend on my parents for support, food, and love. Plus every creek and noise gets me scared to death! 

//I finally got to meet a real decent lad, and this one I really want to get to know. But I don't think it's going to really happen. Just because nothing seems to go right when a boy is involved. And with this one it kinda seems like I'm not playing the whole "hard to get" card so good...I think I'm actually creepin him out! Oh well...what's wrong with going out on a limb? 

//I am falling deeply in love with country music! Each song has it's own story to tell and I love hearing them. Just like when we would listen to our moms tell us bed time stories with focused eyes and big listening ears. 

//I miss my brother. Too much that if I think about him sometimes it's hard to breath normally and keep from leaking. 

//Summer is coming to an end. And I have said goodbye to too many people already I don't want to see anymore leave. But if it's The Lord's way then it's the right way. I only allow myself to have one hope, and it's that this next year I will meet more people. Fill in the missing pieces of my heart with new ones, even though I know the pieces won't fit like they used to I pray it will all mend with time. 

I feel a sort of numbness whenever I think about him and how he ran away. I guess it's how I keep it together and make it to tomorrow.