Saturday, July 5, 2014


I feel like I'm sitting in satan's oven. 
How does boating fry you so stinken fast?! 
How does time fly by so stinken fast?!

That's the real question. 
How come when everything begins to feel better and almost one piece again it has to break? 

I'm such a drama queen. It's just two freaken years. 
Suck it up, 
rub some dirt in it. 

I guess you could say this sunburn is showing what my heart really feels like. Because I don't want any one else to leave. 
We are done with the goodbyes, 
no one can go anywhere anymore. 
 And because it hurts every time I move, and gets stuck to things forcing me to peel it off slowly as it stings like heck! 

I wanted to say HE-double hocky sticks but didn't.