Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey there!


My name is Hayley! i am new to the whole blogging bidness! (i also dont capitalize my i's) My best friend..lets call her Lizard! ;) told me about blogging and got me addicted! which brings me to my first awesome story!

My best friend Lizard:

Rewind 3 years ago, my parents call one of those "family meetings" where you just know someones getting a secret lecture your parents try to disguise as a "message for all of us". Praying it wasnt me this time i sat down and waited. My parents look at all of us with serious faces, the first words i hear out of my dad's mouth is "We are moving". That was the hard year, i had to go the school year knowing i wouldnt see any of my friends again after that year, but yada yada... (dont need details!)... and when the year ended we were off to our new home!

Lizard was my first friend there! i knew right away we were gonna be crazy, weird, dorky friends! Ever since she said "what was your name again?" i completely forgot all the pain i was feeling from the friends i had moved away from! it was like she and i were always meant to be friends!

Since then i have been in many situation with Lizard where it has become more and more visible that she is my best friend! i havent laughed as hard as i do when im with her!! So many funny moments like dressing up as batman and bain and having a "duel" hahaha or when we taped our shirts to look like tron outfits and used the wii stearing wheels as our disks to battle each other! Or doorbell ditched cakes and cookies to boy's houses! (one of my favorite moments!)

We are certainly strange people but the best part is we dont care!! i could run around screaming "i love you!!!!" in our high school and she wouldnt care...for about a second at least then tackle me to the ground! ;)

Speaking of high school! isnt it just great?! all the assignments, homework, test, and social awkwardness?! ba da ba ba baaa! IM LOVIN IT ;) one thing i am a master at is being a dork!! i havent gone a class period without being looked at like i was some monkey that escaped the zoo! and im totally fine with it! thats probably a bad thing but its just me :)

 my moto is "IF IT'S STUPID...ITS STUPID!"

Thats just how i roll! going with the flow! but yet when it comes to as clumbsy as ever! i'm just not as smooth as granite with dem fellas! 

Especially one in particular! ...cant seem to remember things when he is around! i think its cause im blonde!! a very BIG blonde!!

This is all for another time! so stay tuned!!

Dont let the bed bugs bite!