Monday, January 28, 2013

Practically my sister!

Family is a wonderful thing, especially cousins. One cousin in specific is very dear to me! She is one of the five girls on my dad's side, and the only one closest to my age! (She's 19!) this time about 2 years ago I thought she was the weirdest person alive! ;) just kidding she's probably the coolest!! But I remember I'd only talk to her when our parents talked an even then it was extremely awkward! Which I don't get with relatives! Some relatives you are just praying don't talk to you in fear things will get awkward. But my relationship with my cousin now is the kind I would have if I had a sister! I can honestly tell her anything! (Of course there will be witty comments back to me but that's just how we are!)

I honestly believe our relationship strives on movie quotes! Or funny things people have said that we almost peed laughing at! There are so many inside jokes I worry ill forget them all! I can cry to her and she will listen, try to give advise to me. I can always count on her, (well when she's not making out with boys ;)) but if I need to talk I know I can call her and she will always be on the other line.

Another great thing about her is she is the biggest good there ever was! I know she'd probably say the same about me too! I bet if I suggested going to Denys at 2 o'clock in the morning she would go with me! We could seriously do anything! And sometimes we do! She's a great example to me! (She would obviously shake her head and laugh at how crazy I sounded) but its true! She knows more about boys than I do (that's a given) and maybe some things she says aren't the smartest but there's a great spirit to her! She is leaning towards choosing to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ, and I know that's gotta be a very difficult decision but I am positive she could do anything she wanted to if she put all her focus on it!

So pretty much she's awesome! I have been feeling down lately and after hearing me whine and crying she surprised me with taking me out to get shakes! And she doesn't live to close either, so she truly is awesome!! I love her to death! And I know it's going to be the longest 18 months of my life if she chooses to serve a mission. But I know whatever happens is always for a reason.

I love my cousin with my fat heart ;) and if she ever reads this, all I have to say is "your welcome" ;D love you kettie <3

I'm out.