Friday, February 22, 2013

Im a little late!

I love, love, love, meeting new people!! There's just something about making new friendships and relationships with others that brightens my day!

I recently have met some nice males these past few months. And frankly I love being around them!!!! Sure having them all be attractive is a nice touch but it's only a bonus! Because let's face it, if they were nerds with pants hiked up to their chins and still had the same personalities they have now, I would 100% still love them!! They are my favorite!! And I've noticed with age comes weirdness! They are such weirdos! But I love that because it gives me hope for the future!! I'm gonna be the weirdest weirdo there will be! And I'm so grateful to them for showing me that it's okay if you are a giant dork! Cause they all are! (In the nicest, coolest way possible!!)

When valentines day came around I would see office aids come in and hand flowers to the teachers to pass out to those lucky son of a guns that had a secret admirer! And knowing me I would get my hopes up, I know that's my main weakness. And I'm sure I'm gonna die from getting my hopes up, ill probably have hope that my murderer won't kill me but he ends up killing me anyways, or ill have hope that the air balloon I was forced into will stay floating but it ends up falling into a shark infested ocean! ...that got a little extreme..

Anyways!! When my valentines school day was over I was a little disappointed, but I can't show that because if I did my friends would just roll their eyes and think "typical Hayley, getting her hopes up then coming to me to whine about it!" So I hid it (I'm a master at that by the way!!) so I was walking with my friend and one of the lads I had a little fancy on came over and wished me a happy valentines day. And there it was! That is what I needed all day! Someone to wish me personally a happy valentines day, and it wasn't in the robot/typical voice everyone said it! Just like happy birthday!, or merry Christmas!. And so my day was looking a little brighter!

That night as i was watching one of my favorite tv shows my doorbell rang!! I went to the door thinking my brother was getting some more girls to woo him but was surprised to see the 3 studliest, most classiest guys ever on my doorstep. I didn't know one of them but him just being there with the other two made him a stud. They looked at me with big smiles and their hands behind their backs. One nudged the other and they both outstretched hands with roses in them!!!

My night was made. That's all I can say about how happy I was. They had brought me flowers! What amazing guys?! I don't think they will ever understand how grateful and precious that was to me! I know they did the same thing to other girls, but just to know I was in that mix of girls makes me want to sing to the world!

So basically, best night! And I just want to thank those boys for what they did. They sure are special guys, and I can't wait to see how the future plays out for them :)

Con Amor,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Found My Marbles!

      i just love life! I've finally found happiness inside myself! And i cant tell you how much happier i am! Sure there are days i get down and reconsider everything but why waste a day sad when you could be dancing down the hallways?!// i am saving up for a Polaroid camera!!! the old vintage ones that spit out the pictures! i pee my pants evey time i think about just holding it!// i have finally found that even if i miss out on some opportunities new ones will come my way!// i have realized that senior boys are much more worth my time than silly youngsters!// i want to do something athletic! running maybe...? but i worry if i do that ill be intruding in other people's friendship bubbles...// i struggle to figure out what to wear each day! sure that sounds like every other teenage girl, but i have a much more serious problem. i am practically running around in my underwear until the last minute i have! i wouldn't be surprised if i forgot and ran to catch the bus in my bare undies! A nightmare i have actually had plenty of times.// i have always secretly wanted glasses. but i am too afraid of people making fun of me for wearing them and not needing glasses. One of these days I'm just going to say "screw it" and come wearing whatever the heck i want! (animal shirt with sweats, and glasses) and not care what anybody thinks! ...but if you knew me you are probably thinking "BS!" because that is the one thing i struggle with! NOT CARING. if i truly didn't care what anyone else thought i would be one crazy chick! Something ima definatly work on for sure!

    This next part is called "HAYLEY'S LIKES & LOVES"

1. Hi-Chews, they are a mixture of mumbas and noni-chews! (2 of my favorite chewy candies!)

2. Animal Shirts. Today was 'wild life wednesday' and i met fellow animal shirt lovers! we will soon be forming our own country, so watch out animal shirt haters! there is no stopping us now.

3.Baseball Hats. Especially if they are backwards, they just make me feel apart of something! or like im actually a cool chick!

4. Guys, it's pretty explanitory.

5. Headphones. Because they i can dissapear in them.

6. FOOD. Because when people cant be there, food always will be.

7. MUSIC (obviously i have to go into what bands)
    a. Mumford & Sons
    b. Imagine Dragons
    c. {love songs}
    d. Ed Sheeran
    e. {country} yes, i said country
    f. Macklemore (clean versons)
    g. [pretty much music you listen to as long as its clean and has a beat]

8. Package Diliveries. Even though i know what is inside, my mind always wonders...:)

9.Friends. We can all say something different for why we love friends. But basilcally if i had to keep it short and simple? Its because they help me form the person i am.

So before you go to bed tonight, think about all the little things in your days that make you smile. The people in your life that you can't live without. And give thanks.