Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh how I envy hermits

They tell us we have to decide 
we have to know what we want
what we want our lives to look like. 

But what's wrong with not knowing?
Why can't we be unsure of anything as little as what we want to do tomorrow
Every time I think I know, I get that surety, and I feel the ground beneath me becoming stable again 

it breaks

leaving me dangling. 

And I find myself clawing at the cliff I dangle off of, trying to get a grasp of something. Anything. 

While others laugh, judge, even tease us in our struggle. 
Because they know what they want,
they have the perfect plan. 

Oh how I envy hermits. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Already having Emma withdrawals

That sassy ghost though
Tricking Emma into getting off on the wrong floor 3 times
Being hipsters in antique shops
Sassy ghost 2
Jam CDs all day errrryday
So close to falling alseep on the grass then people waking us up. Every. Single. Time. 
Emma's short attention span on songs 
Free time=shaved ice time
Dream catcher swings  
Awkward dance with only 20 people 
Emma's graceful roll into the pool from the hottub 
Drew's haircut and witty lines 
Breaking the law in so many ways
"Let's go to the gym, we still have time to go to the gym, okay now let's go to the gym!" 
One lonely white sock
Emma's race car driving skills
Watching Friends before falling asleep every night 
Frustrations with 13 year old boys and making videos 
Emma falling down in the elevator
The voice brother Robinson screams hello in...ahhh
Sleep talking/moaning 
Washing machines named Alex 
Waking up and realizing you are super close together...
Nate's face when he wants us to sing louder
Emma being the last person to get ready for bed every night 
Just fix your hair Marisa! 
Emma's humming is also my grandma's humming 
Fearing for my life on a mountain tandem bike 
Why don't they start a Crêpery here? PLEASE
Emma's testimony 

Our try at doing the sassy ghost splits
Please look at this rainbow picture again and note the bliss in Emma's face! 

So I met this girl. She's pretty incredible, the type of person you look at and think "that is who I want to be when I grow up". And her laugh is most likely what makes the world go round. If you haven't met her, she's the girl named Emma that lives off of adventuring, little plants, and things that you don't think go together do. Without her this week I would have exploded. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's a number game

Ya I don't know 
They're just suppose to be numbers right? 


But they fade away 
Leaving me with no idea 
Only eyes watching closely
Seeing what I will do 
Calling me out on it to someone else 
So I have no clue. 
Forgive me now for what's to come