Friday, April 18, 2014

In love with our conversations

•why are skeleton hands so hard to draw?
•my feet are permanently damaged from all the running around I do at work 
•"I respect that"
•sophomore girls are hilarious and über boy crazy x10
•Ah I can't go a day without embarrassing myself!! 
•I'm realizing when it comes to human interaction with strangers it requires a butt load of patience  
•my bottom lip is shredded because of all this dumb stress 
•the Thai girls are considering baptism and I'm peeing my pants 
•I have a lot I really need to get over 
•Music heals my soul, no joke 
•keeping my room clean is like eating 4 scoups of Nutella without a drink of milk. 
•I've become that student you don't know if they will graduate because they like their bed more than school 
•honestly, I'm going to have the most attractive prom date. Just being honest
•Is it weird I crave clone wars almost as much as blue fingernails? 
•Slap me every time it complain okay? It's such an ugly habit 
•dear aquarium, fill your tanks already!!!
•shoot!! Someone slap me
•Jedi braids for lifeeee
•getting CDs from friends brings joy to my heart I almost have a heart attack 
•oh did I mention ONE WEEK TIL PROM

Sunday, April 13, 2014


It seems to me there's a wilting flower in everyone that is hurting. It wants to be plucked so we can move on and see life as it really is. But nobody can figure out exactly how to do that. 

Because there is still a deep hope it will get healthy and live on

So we put a fake flower in front of it to hide the pedals already lost. And we pretend everything is okay. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Live más

Every time I wear this I can only think of the Devine Disneyland couple behind us in line. 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Now get hungry

When it comes out of your mouth it doesn't really always make sense so I just roll with it 

-my lovely father

I'm learning a lot about my dearest father on this trip. Like how when we hear about a really spectacular new book we travel to 6 Barnes and Nobles along the way to find it. 
And when we find this precious new book he pretends to go to the bathroom but really sit in the tub and read it so he can read it first.

Also he is very easily tricked into getting off at the wrong level in an elevator 

I always laugh the hardest when I'm with my dad

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fingernail polish

A boy asked a girl in a Star Wars shirt what her life was like. 

She told him "it's like my fingernails". 

Questioning her answer he said "what a strange answer"

She replied "what a strange question"

Curiosity itching at him he asked her to further explain the answer she gave but 
she simply told him to try to himself. So as they sat waiting for their planes to start boarding he guessed a list,
-chipping away or unfinished? 
-messy as heck (he didn't say heck) 

Before she could say anything they announced boarding had started and she began to walk over. The boy was beginning to get frustrated and rushed after her. 

"Wait you can't just leave without telling me what you meant" 
Shrugging her shoulders she said "it's a mystery I guess" 

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Oh Theo. 

Let's run away and kick people's butts together. 

I could punch a wall and you could let me wear your sweater and bandage my knuckles

Sound like a plan? 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

pity party for one please

>That was just really strange. I don't know if I liked it or not? 
>I just want to drown in sleep
>I missed my parents like none other they are okay with crying 
>David always writes me letters that make me question my entire life 
>I never want these Thai girls to leave 
>going to see divergent with Ariel is what's getting me through this week. 
>and spring break with my dad. 
>I followed this guy around for half and hour in Walmart looking for a calendar. All I want is a calendar for my room but Walmart doesn't have any 
>my feels are all over the place I don't know what to do 
>why does everyone love this one person? Like seriously there are billions of people all around us. Why only this person?! 
>it's okay tho, Emma's laugh makes everything better 
>and my dad's soothing voice. 
>also Ariel's hugs. Like no joke I'm dying to get one when we see this movie. 

Maybe I just need to throw up to get all these feels and sickness out of me. Cause when you ask "hey what's up? Something's up" I verbally can't explain it.